Investment Attractiveness of Russian Cement Industry

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Analytical Review "Investment Attractiveness of Russian Cement Industry"



  • Date of announcement: March 13, 2009 
  • Pages: 38
  • Language: English
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About review:


Russian cement market in the 2nd half of 2008 fell into the state of severe crisis after a period of rapid increase in prices and investment activity in 2006-2007 and the 1st half of 2008. As a result of this, prices of cement reduced by more than 40%, the share of import cement in Russian market exceeded 12%, and the demand reduced by more than 20%. It is extremely important under such conditions to get relevant news, statistics and analytical information about the state of cement market and industries-consumers. Informational and analytical products of INFOLine Information Agency (IA) about the markets of cement and other construction materials, and construction market, are aimed at solution of the said problems. INFOLine IA has conducted daily monitoring of events in the cement industry, construction complex and construction materials industry of Russia from 2003, observed realization of investment programs, and accumulated information about them in the form of a structured database. Besides, makes analytical reviews and researches in the cement industry of Russia from 2006 (including periodical monthly Review “Russian Cement Market” from 2008) and provides the service of “Assortment and price monitoring” of construction materials markets (cement, ready-mix concrete, ferroconcrete items, metal structures, etc.) to the largest Russian construction companies and manufacturers of construction materials.


The principal sourses of information used for writing the Analytical Review “Investment Activity of Russian Cement Industry”:

  • databases of industrial and financial indexes of cement works of Russia;
  • information of Federal Custom Service and official statistic data of Russian economy of FSGS;

  • databases of railway cargo transportation;

  • informational database in the fields “Cement market of the RF” and “Construction of Russia” for 2003-2009;

  • interviews of Russian cement industry representatives about implementation of investment projects, and production plans for 2009;

  • assortment and price monitoring of more than 50 cement manufacturing works and holding companies;

  • materials of independent analytical centers: CMAKP, IEPP, Centr Razvitia, and Economical Situation Centre attached to the RF Government;

  • materials of more than 1000 Russian and foreign mass media (federal and regional press, information agencies, electronic mass media)


There are many professionals in Russia at present who need prompt and objective coverage of cement market events and analytical information, such as:

  • specialists of procurement departments of construction organizations, manufacturers of ferroconcrete items and ready-mix concrete – for the purpose of raising the efficiency of their procurement activity;
  • management and specialists of marketing departments of organizations that manufacture and sell cement – for estimate of competitive surrounding in the course of operational, investment, and financial activity;
  • specialists of sales departments and customer service departments of organizations that supply admixtures and equipment to cement manufacturers – for promotion of sales and finding the new customers;
  • specialists of leasing companies and banking institutions.

The Analytical Review “Investment Attractiveness of Russian Cement Industry” is meant for satisfying the demand for reliable and skillfully structured information about the key tendencies of development in the cement market, pricing situation in the market of bulk and packaged cement, as well as production and investment activity of cement works and holdings. In addition: The analytical review may be supplemented with description of business of all cement works of Russia on the customer’s demand! Term for the description to be prepared is five work days from the moment of payment.



Contents Analytical Review "Investment Attractiveness of Russian Cement Industry Description of the Projects under Realization in 2009-2010":

  1. About the Analytical Review “Investment Attractiveness of Russian Cement Industry”
  2. Basic indexes of cement industry and situation in the construction market in 2008          

  3. Current status of cement industry in Russia       

  4. Influence of economical crisis on the status of construction companies   

  5. Influence of the economical crisis on cement industry    

  6. Production, consumption, export and import of cement in Russia           

  7. Cement price movement in Russia        

  8. Regional structure of production and consumption of cement     

  9. Cement production by Russian companies        

  10. Forecast of cement production and consumption          

  11. The key factors that influence the market development  

  12. Forecast of prices of cement    

  13. Forecast of production, consumption, export and import of cement       

  14. Investment Projects in Cement Industry

  15. Investment Projects in Cement Industry Central Federal Region

  16. Investment Projects in Cement Industry North-West Federal Region    

  17. Investment Projects in Cement Industry South Federal Region  

  18. Investment Projects in Cement Industry Privolzhsky Federal Region      

  19. Investment Projects in Cement Industry Ural Federal Region    

  20. Investment Projects in Cement Industry Siberian Federal Region           

  21. The projects of construction and reconstruction of cement works interrupted because of the crisis



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If you'd like to purchage The Analytical Review “Investment Attractiveness of Russian Cement Industry”, please e-mail us: info@beton.ru

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