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AB "Akmenes cementas"


Сертификаты качества


Stock company Akmenės Cementas is the largest cement company in Baltic region and the only company in Lithuania, which manufactures cement, the building material. The high quality of Lithuanian cement meets requirements of Lithuanian as well as European standards and it is certified in certification centers in Lithuania and abroad. Akmenės Cementas AB is located in the Northern edge of Lithuania close to the border with the Republic of Latvia. Construction of cement plant was started in 1947 in Karpėnai village of Akmenė district. On the 20th of September 1952 the operation of the first clinker burning rotary kiln was started. A year later the second kiln of 127 m length was assembled and commissioned. In 1959 construction of the third kiln was completed and in 1961 the forth cement production technological line was finished. In 1996 the complex of four rotary kilns was closed as non-effective economically wise. Since July 1970 the second cement production complex has been operated. Two the most modern at that time in Soviet Union clinker burning kilns (No. 5 and 6) of 185 m length and 5 m diameter rotated in this complex. In 1974 two more the same rotary kilns (No. 7 and 8) were completed and commissioned. When the project capacity of these kilns was reached the then Akmene’s cement plant supplied customers with 3,4 mil. T per year.

Having increasing demand for building materials inside the country Akmene’s cement plant was charged to produce other building materials. In 1955 a modern lime production department with the annual capacity of 36 thous. T was operated. In 1964 asbestos product (pipes and slates) department was opened. Due to large production volumes in 1976 cement plant was reorganized into Akmene’s cement and slate group of enterprises and in 1979 into Akmene’s cement and slate production merger Akmencementas. At that time since company’s production was exported to Cuba, Yugoslavia, Hungary. Former company of the Union since 1989 the company occurred under subordination of Republic of Lithuania and since the 1st December 1990 it became the state company Akmenės Cementas with its core business of cement production and sale. Since the 16th September 1993 the company has been ran as stock company Akmenės Cementas. Since 1997 company’s capital is private wherein majority is owned by Lithuanian investors. In October 2001 34 % of company’s shares were acquired by subsidiary company Rugby Holding B. V. of English company RMC Group p.l.c.

In 2002 the construction of coal plant was completed. Since May, 2007 the rotary kiln has been operated using coal, considerably cheaper fuel type compared to before used heavy oil. In 2004 changes occurred in ownership of the company. Holder of 34% of company’s shares became Mexican concern Cemex. In September, 2005 new packing plant was put in operation. Up-to-date machinery of packing plant allowed to cut labour costs by half. In May, 2006 upon implementation of investment project on burning of used tyres an alternative fuel type - used tyres was introduced. Approximately 10 % of basic fuel can be replaced by alternative fuel. In July, 2006 an investment project on second coal mill was implemented. The project value amounted to 10 million Litas. This investment allows to operate two kilns in high season using coal. In September, 2006 implementation of new investment project on conversion from wet to dry process was started. From investing point of view it is the most valuable project in the history of company.  Implementation of this project shall substantially change cement production technology that has been used in the plant for more than fifty years. The new technology will allow increase of production output and reduction of power consumption.



Production capacities of Akmenės Cementas AB make approximately 1 million tons of clinker per year. The annual output makes over 1 million tons of cement. The great attention in the company is given to product quality, reasoned solutions of pollution problems, development of technology, training of staff professional skills. Already in 1999 the company was given the international certificate of quality system ISO 9002. Competitive fight insists on infinite flexibility, ability to reduce production costs simultaneously supporting very high production quality. Therefore already since 1994 the company proceeds with investments. In 1997-2000 the investment of 11 million US dollars was made for company’s reconstruction. In 2002 coal investment project of 15 million Lithuanian Litas was implemented. Realization of this project allowed usage of cheaper fuel coal instead of heavy oil. In 2005 an intensive investment program shall be continued. In October 2005 a new Packing plant was put into operation. 6 million Litas were invested into the new Packing plant within a period of two years. This investment guaranteed an excellent packing quality. In May 2006 an investment project on burning of waste tyres has been finished. Ecology had been the vital issue of this project. The implementation of this project shall allow replacement of 20 per cent of base fuel by alternative fuel – waste tyres. Near 10 million Litas have been invested into coal mill No. 2. After realization of this project in July 2006, in high season cement will be produced simultaneously operating two kilns with coal. Based on the Board decision, dated 19th July 2006, 280 million Litas have been decided to invest into conversion from wet process to dry process. From the investment point of view it is the most valuable project in the history of the plant. Implementation of this project shall allow increase of production output and reduction of power consumption.

There is an independent cement testing laboratory in the company. On the 28th of May 1998 the laboratory was accredited by Lithuanian National Accreditation Bureau. Physical, mechanical and chemical testings are performed in the laboratory not only for inside customer Akmenės Cementas AB but also for outside clients. Cement testing laboratory can guarantee not only an absolute impartiality but also very strict confidentiality. Laboratory staff of 10 workers is of a very high qualification. Long-time personnel experience, continual qualification improvement, competition that is constantly approved by successful participation in international laboratory campaigns as well as huge number of every-day testings is very important quality indicator of laboratorial activity. Great attention and finance are given for purchase of perfect laboratory devices, purchase and renewal of certified basic materials. In 2002 laboratory purchased computerized cement strength determination device. In 2003 automated and computerized setting time determination device was purchased. In 2004 laboratory extended accreditation field with a new testing Determination of water-soluble chromium (VI) content in cement and in order to ensure quality of performed testing a new spectrofotometer has been purchased in 2005. The laboratory continually is achieving for good cooperation, confidence and feedback from clients.

Great attention in the company is given to charity and donation. The company makes a donation of 0,5 million Litas per year. The high priority field is support to the town of Naujoji Akmenė and its community. Sportspeople of the town and district, art and amateur groups, various sports and culture projects are actively supported. Schools and kindergartens of the town can always expect assistance from the company. The company’s management takes care of ex-workers of the company providing financial support and covering costs of accommodation in sanatorium. The company’s administration closely keeps in touch with the community of cement producers’ town. Its members are continually informed via regional newspaper Vienybė, wherein the company once a moth issues its own page, about ongoing changes in the company, implementation of new projects. People are given possibilities to become acquainted with the results of experiments carried out in the company. Cement plant is the biggest employer for people living in Naujoji Akmenė as well as in the district. More over, the company is the largest customer for most companies operating round Akmenė. Проектная мощность завода составляет 1,3 млн. тонн цемента в год.






  • Приемная: +370 (425) 58-323 (телефон)
  • Приемная: +370 (425) 56-198 (факс)



  • Генеральный директор: Артурас Заремба



  • Способ производства - сухой;
  • Топливо - уголь;
  • Основные сырьевые материалы - известняк.


(Синим шрифтом выделены товары, к которым прилагаются технические характеристики)

  • CEM I 52,5 N (MA)
  • CEM I 42,5 R (MA)
  • CEM I 42,5 N (MA)
  • CEM II/A-L 42,5 N (MA) (A)
  • CEM III/B 32,5 N (SR)



AB "Akmenes Cementas" Назад AB "Akmenes Cementas"

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